Anthony Miller

CEO, Particle beam splitter, Dragon hunter, and all around nice guy.

Anthony is the founder and creative director of millermedia7, a digital product agency that focuses on software, UX UI, and digital strategy. Anthony leads the company as a strategist to venture backed startups and enterprise clients. Anthony is constantly leveraging new technology to further millermedia7’s goals and mission.

Alex Reekie

Head of UX

Alex is a talented UX designer and front end developer who’s worked on apps for some of the world’s largest consumer brands. When he’s not pushing pixels for millermedia7, Alex is launching Faver, a smarter, personalized shopping product. Let’s make shopping fun again.

Wes Lorenzini

Senior iOS developer

Driven by big data, social applications and mobile integration, Wes has developed a strong proficiency in iOS, PHP, jQuery, MySQL. His core strengths are the integration of new APIs and cutting-edge solutions for displaying database information. Wes thrive’s by delivering scalable applications utilizing best practices in an ideas-focused, startup-like atmosphere.

Diego Roldan

Full Stack Engineer

Diego has 10+ years of experience in development, architecture and management of enterprise projects, with a background in Computer Science and a focus on back-end lamp development, performance and scalability for top Media & Publishing companies including A&E, Fox News, Timeout Magazine,, and iVillage.

Sam Roldan

Sam Roldan

Front-end Developer

Sam is a front-end developer with 14 years of experience building UI for the web. He’s passionate about building user interfaces with great user experiences and keeps up with all the latest technologies. Sam’s currently using Node.js, React.js & SASS/CSS; but has used other popular frameworks in the past such as Angular, Backbone & Marionette. He resides in New York City and on his spare time travels, rides motorcycles, plays guitar and drums & is learning hang gliding.

digital marketing

Whitney Parker


Beacon Digital Marketing

Whitney is a highly sought-after B2B online marketing expert with more than 12 years of experience leading marketing and communications teams in a variety of organizations, including nonprofits, small businesses, tech startups, and large global corporations. She’s helped dozens of brands gain greater recognition for their causes and products in the digital world.

Marat Stary

UX | UI Lead

Marat is a visual designer with over 10 years of experience creating innovative products for startups, advertising agencies, and fortune 100 companies like Oracle, Colgate, SecureLink, Culture IQ,, Toyota, Herbalife, Lexus, Purina, Mazda, and Nokia.

Phil Lamb

Technology Strategist

Phil has been programming since he was eight, and doing it for a living for the last 15 years. He’s worked for fortune 100 companies, governments, and mom-and-pops, and enjoys a good technical challenge. He spends his free time weight training, hiking, reading, staying off of social media, and spending time with his wife and four children.

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