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MVP: Minimum Viable Product

The “MVP” has become a vital first step in lean product development, as it replaces most of the guesswork with a more scientific method.
Your MVP will allow you to use the “build, measure, learn” cycle to gather valuable feedback, challenge any assumptions, and most importantly; achieve product/market fit as quickly as possible.

Our goal is simple: We want your product to be as successful as possible, whilst keeping both time and cost to an absolute minimum.

The MVP Process

1. Discussion

The first step is to get in touch. We’d love to hear all about your project, understand your mission, and to provide you with a bespoke quote. We’re happy to tailor our services to meet your requirements.

2. Discovery

Next, we’ll work with you to define requirements, timescales, and to prioritize deliverables. Your MVP is best thought of as a series of experiments. What are your key hypotheses? What must we measure to validate these?

3. Prototype

Now we get to see your project start coming to life. We’ll test a number of wireframes to find out which performs best. This allows us to deliver a fully interactive prototype with a carefully considered UX.

4. Design

In this phase, we’ll work with you to fully flesh out your project’s visual language and identity. As your project’s UI is every bit a part of your brand as your logo, we’ll ensure to deliver a sleek and pixel-perfect design you’re happy with.

5. Development

Now it’s time to get technical, as our team of agile developers implement the features set out in your requirements. You’ll be able to follow their progress as work is completed, including rigorous compatibility and QA testing, whilst they take careful consideration of any scaling and future development plans.

6. Delivery

Once your MVP is ready to launch, we’ll assist you with getting the word out and bringing your first users on board. We’ll be here to help assess your project’s performance, as well as to run additional tests, make any changes, or develop any new features.