FreeThink and BigThink+ reduced time-to-market by 42%: By working with our agile development team, they were able to launch new features on their SaaS 42% faster than they would have been able to with an in-house team.


Reduced time-to-market

Peter Millar

Designed a tablet-friendly sales tool to empower Peter Millar’s sales team with a new streamlined and delightful user experience.

With Intelligence

With Intelligence our work on the Fundmap and HFM platforms has significantly contributed to the increase in market share for With Intelligence.


Our team worked closely with Colgate to incorporate unique features such as real-time brushing feedback, personalized coaching, and gamification elements to make the app engaging and fun for users.


Our team worked closely with Opus Global to understand the needs of their customers and design an interface that was intuitive and streamlined.

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