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It’s a smart strategy to have your organization move into a content producing institution. The benefits are great! Just be sure to have the necessary time and creative effort to deliver concise actionable results….oh and coffee.

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“If you’re vulnerable and authentic, you stand out more and people will trust you.”

Kate Kendall, Founder and CEO of The Fetch
speaking at CreativeMornings/Melbourne(*watch the talk)

Why Mobile is critical.

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Just a few things. It’s 2013!! Yes 2013 people and if you haven’t even looked at how mobile is changing and will forever change your marketing plan, then quite frankly you are operating at a disadvantage.

Mobile has been taking the world by storm. Mobile ad spending is this space has increased from 1 billion to just over 4 billion in 2012, and digital advertising has broken the 100 billion mark! Another great statistic that proves how valuable having a mobile strategy is that, 23.14% of web site visits in December 2012 came from mobile devices, an 84% increase over December 2011 and a 283% increase over January.

There are many ways to draw strategy from mobile; advertising, content, web and native apps, social. You may just want to make sure your web site is optimizing in a mobile browser and that all your email marketing programs are designed for mobile. The second screen experience is taking a backseat and our mobile devices are now riding shotgun in most cases.

Here is also a nice chart on what companies are using to increase their mobile value as brands.


millermedia7 is a Top Mobile App Development Companies In New York

Looking back at Social 2012

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As 2013 begins to chug along and another year literally flies by I find it important to reflect on trends of the past and see how they measure up to the future. The digital landscape is forever evolving and social is for sure in that same boat. If your company has not even looked at digital and social as an engaging inbound method here are some key facts that may help guide you in that direction.

Here is an informative Infographic lending some useful statistics on social. These will not guide your strategy but will help you understand this space a bit more. Cheers!

Happy Holiday email marketing fail or win?

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Tis the season to bring forth Holiday cheer, and your business may be sending some of that cheer to you through an email. Now, I can certainly attest that I thoroughly enjoy sparkle and magical joy of the Holidays but I can easily be turned off by poor user experience or an over sales-y approach. I can also understand that you may want to share all of your successes of 2012 in some sort of long format video but people can we please keep it to 90 seconds. You can certainly increase conversion with having your email wrapped up nicely with a bow, figuratively speaking of course.

Here’s a diagram that can help you get the best out your email marketing efforts and keep the joy coming through 2013!


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David Gregory is a Cee Lo Green fan, apparently.

Moves like Jagger.

I couldn’t resist.