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Looking back at Social 2012

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As 2013 begins to chug along and another year literally flies by I find it important to reflect on trends of the past and see how they measure up to the future. The digital landscape is forever evolving and social is for sure in that same boat. If your company has not even looked at digital and social as an engaging inbound method here are some key facts that may help guide you in that direction.

Here is an informative Infographic lending some useful statistics on social. These will not guide your strategy but will help you understand this space a bit more. Cheers!

Happy Holiday email marketing fail or win?

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Tis the season to bring forth Holiday cheer, and your business may be sending some of that cheer to you through an email. Now, I can certainly attest that I thoroughly enjoy sparkle and magical joy of the Holidays but I can easily be turned off by poor user experience or an over sales-y approach. I can also understand that you may want to share all of your successes of 2012 in some sort of long format video but people can we please keep it to 90 seconds. You can certainly increase conversion with having your email wrapped up nicely with a bow, figuratively speaking of course.

Here’s a diagram that can help you get the best out your email marketing efforts and keep the joy coming through 2013!


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David Gregory is a Cee Lo Green fan, apparently.

Moves like Jagger.

I couldn’t resist.


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We have arrived, millermedia7 is a full service digital design agency focused on bringing your brand to life online. We’ve been around since 2009 and have worked with some really awesome people along the way. You may ask “what’s the 7 all about” well I can tell you it’s more than just a lucky number. The 7 signifies our seven tenets of brand, it’s kind of a framework that guides your business to brand freedom and the idea of building equity and value in what you’re trying to do. We have a proven process that is progressive and nimble and will bring your brand to the next level a sort stratospheric rise as we put it.

We have a great team of strategists, designers, developers and technology teams that work in perfect cohesion to deliver amazing experiences. Our company believes in social, video, tech, and phenomenal user experience. I welcome you to learn more about us or sit down with one of us for a coffee or pastry, or both! I look forward to uncovering some great conversation and hopefully solving problems that can benefit you moving forward.